Failed ATM robbery attempt in Mundare

“The good news is that they didn’t get away with it. The bad news is they’re still out there,” stated Mike Dickinson, Director of Corporate Communications for Servus Credit Union, following the attempted theft of the ATM at the Mundare… Continue Reading

Lamont County Food Bank offers families a helping hand

“A lot of the time local fundraisers really sustain us,” commented Lori Stahl, service co-ordinator with the Lamont County Food Bank, while waiting for Janine Whiting to arrive at the local storage and distribution centre for a cheque presentation recently.

Elimination of grant in lieu of taxes creates $10,000 shortfall in funding

Members of Lamont town council were told that the Province would not be reinstating the Grants in Lieu of Taxes for housing units operated by public housing management bodies during its April 8 meeting.