Opinion: Time for social media to be legally accountable for itself


But first let me clarify, if true, a public statement
can not be libelous.

However, statements made that are untrue
and published on social media which cause a
person, company or organization a provable loss
of revenue due to the spread of lies can be the
basis for a defamation lawsuit.

The purposeful spread of misinformation to
help social or political causes has always been a
problem, but with the internet and social media
reaching international proportions the use of
misinformation is rampant. The spread of misinformation
is so common that it is really unclear
what is true and what is false anymore.

Though it is impossible for law enforcement to
properly police this global monster, when reported
it should be the owners of Facebook and
Twitter – as well as site moderators and writers –
who should be legally responsible. Offences
occur daily on social media, and retribution is
long overdue.
Kerry Anderson